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Sobriety is learning to reorder our lives in a pattern that makes us better and healthier people. 

We live in an age of endless options, and endless distractions.

In the midst of it all, it seems easy to forget what it means to truly live, to be fully human, and to step into our original design.

We were created to live abundant lives.

Lives not held in bondage by addiction but free to live a life that is a beneficial presence to the world. We believe the way of Jesus is the best example of how to do this.  Because, Jesus came to show us the best way to live. 

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Together, through weekly meetings, we will discover how our lives were meant to be lived - in Jesus, with Jesus, empowered by Jesus. 

We will explore the ways Jesus lived and we invite you to participate in these practices that we have found to be life changing. 

We get it some of you are skeptical of religion and for good reason.

But we are not trying to convert anyone to any religion we simply want to pass along our experience, strength and hope that has been grounded in a person. That person being Jesus. Who we believe revealed how to live the best way we as humans can. 

We’ll learn powerful ways to live; for example:

  • Instead of hurting others we will learn to serve others. 

  • Instead of blaming others we will learn to extend grace and forgiveness. 

  • Instead of living a life of obsession and control we will look at a life of rest and confidence in God. 

We’ll also focus in on some other tough topics you all might be interested in; for example:

  • What is the Bible? 

  • What is sin?

  • Any other questions you might have 


The Way of Jesus


Chi Rho Recovery

Our Class Topics


The way of mercy: Receiving and extending mercy

The way of forgiveness: Receiving and extending forgiveness

The way of connection: Prayer, meditation and contemplation

The way of Rest: Discovering our human rhtyhms

The way of purpose: Made to work

What is the Bible?

What is sin?

Living an empowered life: Set free to set others free

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