Relationships Matter

We believe in order to have any sort of conversation that we set the stage for getting to know each other. From there we can navigate the rest of the classes with specifics and tailor each session to be meaningful for everyone


Why Jesus?

Jesus Christ

Jesus modeled for the world what it means to be fully human. In this class we will discover the way of Jesus and how ones life can be modeled after his life and key principles to embrace. 


The Bible?

The Holy Scriptures

It's the number one selling book. Billions of people all over the world read it, apply it, and swear by it. Yet this powerful ancient text has the ability to do great good or great harm. In this class we will learn how one can read this text and encounter the depths of its literary beauty and power. 


Talking to God

How does one pray? What's the point of prayer? In this class we give practical tools to creating a thriving prayer life that have been practiced for centuries. We talk about the benefits of prayer and deepening your connection with God through it. 


Going Deeper with the Bible

Holy Scriptures 2.0

In this class we go a step further into the power of the Bible. For centuries people have been reading and interpreting this text. In this class we revive an ancient practice to allow you to experience a fresh new depth to the ancient scripture. 

Being Present with the Eternal Presence

Finding a Rhythm To life

Life is bombarded by all kinds of chaos and plans. Yet since the beginning of creation, God has shown us a rhythm to life. That Rhythm starts with rest for the sake of being present. The power of rest and presence will help further our recovery and ability to say yes to what matters most.